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JUNE 1986

The EUROPEAN FARRIERS journal was published in French as early as June 1986, intended for farriers, equine vets and other horse professionals such as trainers, breeders, etc.

1990 - 1994

Four years on, it became bilingual French-German (DER HUF) with the English version joining these in August 1994 (EUROPEAN FARRIERS JOURNAL)

JUNE 1996

The journal’s development moved to a brisk gallop in June 1996 with the launch of a second edition published in English, Spanish, and Italian under the respective titles of EUROPEAN FARRIERS JOURNAL, EL HERRADOR, and INFOR MASCALCIA.
As we moved into the 21st century the journal was being sent out to 68 countries around the world and building steadily upon its success. The world’s leading specialists in equine locomotion published articles of world renown in its pages and the highly international flavour of its readership went well beyond Europe’s borders. That is why it shed the restrictive adjective “European” to become THE FARRIERS JOURNAL in January 2001.

The changes continued: In June 2004 we began publishing the journal in Dutch (De Hoef) and Swedish (Hovslagarmagasinet ), still alongside the English text, in a third edition. In February 2006 the decision was taken to give each language its own edition. In a unique development in publishing and of course farriery, we now have a trade journal that comes out in seven languages!

The development of Internet provides an additional aspect to its readership by opening up exciting new perspectives. Our web site and its interactivity meet the demands of increasing numbers of surfers. Better locomotor comfort for horses and a more fulfilling life for farriers and professionals in the horse world are the logical consequences of this development

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